Life on the Hill Book Launch

The new book was launched on 12th November 2016, the event was well attended and 91 copies sold on the day!
Copies are available on Amazon price £9.50 and used copies appear on eBay from time to time.


Jacket potatoes + fillings + dessert, and musical entertainment!

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14th March 2014

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Anniversary Event – 1st Birthday

The 40th anniversary of the opening of Colehill Library and the 1st birthday of Colehill Community Library.
Poster download.

anniversary-choir2 CCL-anniversary-cake anniversary

Colehill Community Choir,  and ‘First Birthday’ cake by Lyn Nelsey

anniversary17 anniversary7 anniversary9

Crowds thronged the Memorial Hall to celebrate the first birthday of Colehill Community Library (and the fortieth year of its building). After being threatened with closure several times, it became a community library thanks to the financial support of the residents of Colehill through an increased precept. The first year has been a triumph thanks to the guidance of retired librarian Linda Roberts who co-ordinates and supports the forty plus volunteers. The library is now a charity, managed by a small committee chaired by John Gooch, who spoke at the gathering, reminding us of the differences of life forty years ago when petrol was 41p a gallon! Annette Brooke MP who has supported the library ever since it was first threatened, was there, as was Michael Tomlinson, (prospective Conservative parliamentary candidate).

The Colehill Community Choir performed magnificently for us and there was a display of the history of the library, a local views quiz, a book sale and coffee and cake for everyone – including some local authors who came along show their support. A delightful cake made specially by Lyn Nelsey was the main raffle prize.


Christmas Bazaar – 23rd November 2013

Our third Bazaar was very popular with improved sales in refreshments.  We thank Val and Bill Seddon for organising this event.

The event raised £536

bazaar1 bazaar3 bazaar5 bazaar8bazaar9

Parliament trip – 14th November 2013

The coach trip to London to visit the Houses of Parliament was just perfect – a two hour tour of the fascinating buildings and then a free afternoon on a sunny Autumn day to stroll along the South Bank and admire the ever changing London skyline, or go shopping!  We thank Annette Brooke MP for arranging our visit.

The trip raised £122


1st November 2013 at Colehill Memorial Hall

Friday Night is Music Night was organised by Maureen and Paul Edwards – they invited their folk singing friends to perform to an audience of around 70.  We enjoyed some comedy songs, some traditional songs and some sixties songs and had a great time.

IMG_1609 min IMG_1613 min IMG_1611 min  IMG_1615 min IMG_1616 minIMG_1628 min IMG_1619 min IMG_1623 min IMG_1624 minIMG_1627 min IMG_1618 min IMG_1633 min IMG_1635 min IMG_1636 min

Colehill’s Hidden Gardens – 25th August 2013

This event raised over £500 for the library. The sun came out in the afternoon and everyone (107 visitors) enjoyed themselves. Our thanks to the Laws, the Powells and the Gooches for opening their gardens and also to the team who organised the fabulous cream teas and manned the book and plant stalls.

Colehill Hidden Gardens400 Colehill Hidden Gardens 007

This year’s Reading Challenge – 24th July 2013

The Summer Reading Challenge was enthusiastically accepted by the children of Colehill. 180 signed up – a significant increase on last year. 115 of those have completed the challenge of reading or sharing 6 books during the school holidays and have been presented with a medal at the library. Certificates will be provided by the Dorset Library Service for presentation at school or collection at the library. It was a delight to have so many children in the library during the holidays.

Annette Brooke ‘dropped-in’ to present several attractive children’s books
which she had received at a recent event in Parliament promoting the Challenge:
IMG_1425 min IMG_1428 min IMG_1430 min

Grand Spring Bazaar ~ April 13th 2013

A successful morning followed by a soggy afternoon!

antiques White Elephant books Joan R and Jean Jamkitchen gang



The library was opened by Michael Medwin on 9th February 2013


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