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Co.MaD meet to rehearse most weeks on Tuesday evenings at 8.15 in Colehill Memorial Hall, Cannonhill Road.

Originally formed by a group of parents of children at Colehill First School in 1999 to raise money for a specific project at the school, Co.MaD have performed a pantomime in every year since and have raised thousands of pounds for Schools, Charities and Good Causes in Colehill and the East Dorset area.   With the exception of the original Cinderella script, which was written outside the society, all of Co.MaD’s scripts have been original, in-house material.

This year (2018) our pantomime was Sleeping Beauty, written by Co.MaD founder member Pam Mizon and performed during the first weekend of February.  It raised £1,200, which was spilt between two local charities.  Our pantomime for 2019 will be Snow White, written by Alice Behling.

As well as the annual pantomime Co.MaD also perform Cabarets (for adult audiences), host karaoke (or sometimes Curry-Oke) evenings, quizzes and other entertainments.

If you are interested in joining Co.MaD please call Pam Mizon on 01202 887084.

Co.MaD Pantomime History
1999 Nov Cinderella
2000 Nov Snow White
2001 Nov Aladdin
2002 Nov Jack and the Beanstalk
2003 Nov Sleeping Beauty
2005 Feb Ali Baba
2006 Feb The Frog Prince
2007 Feb Beauty and the Beast
2008 Feb Jason and the Quest for the Golden Fleas
2009 Feb Puss in Boots
2010 Feb Rumplestiltskin
2011 Feb The Bedtime Tales
2012 Feb Aladdin
2013 Feb Incy Wincy Spider
2014 Feb Cinderella
2015 Feb Jack and the Beanstalk
2016 Feb Dick Whittington
2017 Feb Little Red Riding Hood
2018 Feb Sleeping Beauty

Co.MaD (Colehill Music and Drama) is a not-for-profit amateur dramatic society