Theft from Grit Bins

Here in Colehill the Parish Council have some grit bins in-situ which we provided in earlier years, we have another 5 sites identified and agreed with the County Council for installation this year – unfortunately the snow has come earlier than expected.  Although the Parish Council have purchased these bins for the community we have arranged for them to be supplied and replenished with road salt/grit by the County’s Highways Department.   There is no arrangement for anyone from County or Parish to apply the material to the roads and pavements – this is the responsibilty of the community members in the area in which the bin is sited.

Unfortunately we have reports that at least one of our bins was “raided” yesterday by a man with a white horsebox type vehicle, who helped himself to 3 bags-full and drove away.  This is clearly theft and we would urge anyone witnessing such behaviour to note the registration number of the vehicle and report it to the police and/or the Parish Council.  We also have reports of people taking away wheel-barrow loads for their own drives and pathways and this is also an offence as this material is specifically provided for roads and pavements and not for use on private lands.