The contact details of the local schools are shown below, with links to the schools’ websites:

First Schools

Colehill First School Middlehill Road, Colehill, Wimborne BH21 2HL

Tel: 01202 882506 Head Teacher: Mr A S Turrall

Hayeswood First School Cutlers Place, Colehill, Wimborne BH21 2HN

Tel: 01202 882379 Head Teacher: Mrs P M Gerrett

Pamphill CE VC First School Pamphill Green, Wimborne BH21 4EE

Tel: 01202 883008 Head Teacher: Mr T Davies

St John’s CE First School St John’s Hill, Wimborne BH21 1BX

Tel: 01202 883675 Head Teacher: Mrs K Anstey

Wimborne First School School Lane, Wimborne BH21 1HQ

Tel: 01202 882532 Head Teacher: Mrs S Hartley

Primary School

St Catherine’s VA Primary School Cutlers Place, Colehill, Wimborne BH21 2HN

Tel: 01202 883763 Head Teacher: Mrs S Sparks

Middle Schools

Allenbourn Middle School East Borough, Wimborne BH21 1PL

Tel: 01202 886738 Head Teacher: Mrs C Pritchard

St Michael’s CE Middle School Colehill Lane, Colehill, Wimborne BH21 7AB

Tel: 01202 883433 Head Teacher: Mr R Jenkinson

Upper School

Queen Elizabeth’s School Wimborne Minster, BH21 4DT

Tel: 01202 885233 Head Teacher: Mr M McLeman

Beaucroft Foundation School

Beaucroft Foundation School Wimborne Road, Colehill, Wimborne BH21 2SS

Tel: 01202 886083 Head Teacher: Mr P McGill

Dumpton School

Dumpton School Deans Grove House, Colehill, Wimborne BH21 7AF

Tel: 01202 883818 Headmaster: Mr A Browning