There are three first schools in Colehill and three in Wimborne.  There are two middle schools, one in Colehill and one in Wimborne. Queen Elizabeth’s Upper School is in Pamphill.

Colehill also has a school which caters for pupils experiencing learning difficulties and an independent school.

The details of the schools are listed below with links to the schools’ websites.

First Schools

Colehill First School Middlehill Road, Colehill, Wimborne BH21 2HL

Tel: 01202 882506 Head Teacher: Mr A S Turrall

Hayeswood First School Cutlers Place, Colehill, Wimborne BH21 2HN

Tel: 01202 882379 Head Teacher: Mrs P M Gerrett

Pamphill CE VC First School Pamphill Green, Wimborne BH21 4EE

Tel: 01202 883008 Head Teacher: Mr T Davies

St Catherine’s VA Primary School Cutlers Place, Colehill, Wimborne BH21 2HN

Tel: 01202 883763 Head Teacher: Mrs S Sparks

St John’s CE First School St John’s Hill, Wimborne BH21 1BX

Tel: 01202 883675 Head Teacher: Mrs K Anstey

Wimborne First School School Lane, Wimborne BH21 1HQ

Tel: 01202 882532 Head Teacher: Mrs S Hartley

Middle Schools

Allenbourn Middle School East Borough, Wimborne BH21 1PL

Tel: 01202 886738 Head Teacher: Mrs C Pritchard

St Michael’s CE Middle School Colehill Lane, Colehill, Wimborne BH21 7AB

Tel: 01202 883433 Head Teacher: Mr R Jenkinson

Upper School

Queen Elizabeth’s School Wimborne Minster, BH21 4DT

Tel: 01202 885233 Head Teacher: Mr M McLeman

Beaucroft Foundation School

Beaucroft Foundation School Wimborne Road, Colehill, Wimborne BH21 2SS

Tel: 01202 886083 Head Teacher: Mr P McGill

Dumpton School

Dumpton School Deans Grove House, Colehill, Wimborne BH21 7AF

Tel: 01202 883818 Headmaster: Mr A Browning