250 People Gather to Protest About Proposed Gypsy and Traveller Transit Site at Uddens

On the evening of Friday 17th some 250 residents Colehill and Stapehill gathered at Colehill Memorial Hall to hear expert views on the proposed Gypsy and Traveller site at Uddens.

Hilary Chittenden, Chair of the Environmental Theme Action Group, explained in detail why that group totally opposes the proposal and highlighted the potential harmful affects upon the flora and fauna of the local countryside as well as the serious loss of countryside access for the public.

Colehill Parish Council, the residents of Stapehill, ETAG and Dorset Wildlife Trust have all condemned the idea of a transit site at Uddens.

County Cllr Janet Dover spoke in support of the objections and raised questions about the manner in which Uddens had become a potential site in the first place.

David Ayre from DCC, who has responsibility for Countryside Development and particularly Gypsy sites, explained the process which will take place before any site can be accepted but also admitted that there was considerable opposition to the proposal.  He was thanked for having the courage to come and face almost unanimous opposition.

Annette Brooke MP, addressed the meeting and praised the Parish Council for calling the meeting and the residents for turning out in such numbers to voice their feelings.

Cllr David Packer of EDDC and Colehill Parish Council encouraged all present to make their feeling known to the District Planners by writing to EDDC, the body which ultimately would decide whether or not such plans went ahead.

Here are the documents presented at the meeting: