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Wimborne & Colehill Home Watch committee is looking to recruit volunteers
We need members to help out at local events and to help staff the Sheducation demo trailer.  Training for this will be provided. We also need help in several areas around Wimborne & Colehill with the distribution of ‘Update’ packs to Contacts. For further information contact the Chairman: homewatchwandc@gmail.com

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A member’s car was stolen on Thursday 28th December 2017
Grey Land Rover Freelander 2  HD59 CEY was stolen from Allenview car park short-stay
If you see it, please ring Tony on o12o2 884488 or the Police on 101.


Did you work for the NHS, related health services or any other caring organisations?

The East Dorset & Ringwood Branch of the NHS Retirement Fellowship celebrated the 70th anniversary of the NHS and the 40th anniversary of the NHSRF.

The NHSRF is for all those (and their families and friends) who have worked in any health or social care profession and aims to support its members through the provision of social, leisure, educational and welfare activities. Every month we listen to a speaker or have a “members’ morning” and we arrange outings to places of interest. We also organise group meals at local restaurants and hold an annual Garden Tea Party hosted by group members.

We meet at 10:00 am on the second Tuesday of each month at the St. Leonards Village Hall, Braeside Road, BH24 2PH.

For a friendly chat and further information please contact our Branch Secretary, Jenny, on 01202 876560 or joh2lou@talktalk.net or alternatively our Membership Secretary, Helen, on 01425 480202 or h.nield@btinternet.com  (NOTE new contact details).



Helpline for people experiencing addiction.

Rehab 4 Alcoholism is a helpline for people experiencing addiction. This helpline aims to stop addiction before it becomes too late. www.rehab4alcoholism.com 0800 111 4108.

4 May 2014

Dorset Alert is now LIVE www.dorsetalert.co.uk – Ringmaster is now closed – registered members should have received information asking them to check their entry on the new system. New users can register now on the site. This is available to everyone, not just Contacts!

30 April 2014

Annual Meeting & AGM held – All motions passed.

11 April 2014 -Distraction burglaries and suspicious knockers across Wimborne and Ferndown.

Locally we’ve suffered from 2x Distraction Burglaries and several suspicious door knockers.

12 April 2014 – Sheducation Event at Cuthbury Allotments

Well attended – lots of tools marked!

9 April 2014 -Ringmaster replacement – New System and Data Transfer

Dorset Police has procured the Dorset Alert messaging system as a replacement for Ringmaster.  This will require us to transfer your data between the two systems. Please be assured that this action is secure and that Dorset Alert adheres to the Data Protection Act. You will shortly receive a Welcome message from Dorset Alert advising you that the transfer has taken place and giving you instructions on how to review your account details. If you do not receive your Welcome message within the next few days, please check your junk mail folder, you may also need to adjust your spam filters to allow our emails through.

(Ringmaster was decommissioned on 4th May 2014).

8 April 2014

Dorset Police have received four reports today of a suspected telephone hoax and would like to advise the public to be vigilant.
It has been reported that telephone calls have been received from a person purporting to be a detective constable from the Metropolitan Police. They were told that a person known to them was in custody that had their bank details or had taken money from their accounts. The caller asks them to confirm their identity and in some cases asks them to hang up & re-dial 999. Fortunately, in all of these incidents the victims have not complied and have notified the police instead.

7 April 2014

A distraction burglary occurred on 2nd April in Glenwood Way, West Moors. A white male, slim build, 5’6 , late 20’s with short black hair brushed back wearing a light brown coloured zip top called on a resident claiming to be working on a fence to the rear of their property. He asked for access to view the fence from the occupant’s garden, and was left unattended at the front door whilst the victim has gone through to the rear to allow him access. The male was then heard to made an excuse to leave and the victim returned to find a handbag had been taken from the front room. Cash, cards and keys were stolen. A white flat bed transit type vehicle was seen in the area at the time and Police are appealing to anyone who may have seen a similar vehicle or anyone with information to contact 101 quoting crime number 13156. Thank You.

3 April 2014

Following an incident in Allenview Rd today the SNT would like to remind residents about the dangers of accepting work from bogus cold callers. If you require work done on your property then find tradesmen online, in the phone book or by recommendation. Do not let them in to your house as their intention may be to burgle your home. Thanks, Wimborne & Colehill SNT

3 April 2014

The police are advising the public to be wary of emails purporting to be from the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE).

Thousands of people nationwide have been targeted by hoax emails, claiming to be from NICE.
The email informs them that as a result of a recent blood test, cancer was suspected and they should contact their GP. The recipients are advised to download their results from an attached link, which may contain malware that displays a false security warning to entice the victim to buy rogue anti-spyware products.
If you receive one, delete it and don’t download the attachment as it is likely to contain malware.
In any case, email attachments should always be checked carefully.
Anti-Virus products can help to keep your computer safe and should be used to check your security regularly.
If you have further concerns, you could always take your computer to a local security specialist.
We urge people to delete any emails they receive like this and report them to police by calling Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040.
Further advice on protecting your computer can be found at http://www.getsafeonline.org/
Anyone with information should call Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040. Alternatively, call the free and anonymous Crimestoppers line on 0800 555 111 (mobile phone tariffs may apply).


3 April 2014

Request for volunteer – Secretary/Assistant to assist the Association of Dorset Watches – details – please contact the Chair, John Shave, on nhwdorset@gmail.com

3 April 2014

For attention of all East Dorset Residents

We have had five distraction burglaries in the Ferndown and West Moors area over the past 12 days.

All victims have had a male attend their property asking if they would like gardenning work undertaken or advising them that he is working on their neighbours property. Some of the vicitms have then been asked to go and unlock their rear door/gate and during this time the unknown male, who has been left at the front door, has entered the property and taken items from within. Other victims have declined the males services and later have had items taken from within their property with access by either open windows or doors.

Items taken are various items such as handbags, jewellery, credit/debit cards, cash etc.

Male is described as white, in his 20’s, slim/athletic build, brown hair, although their may be more than one person involved. If you have any further information in relation to any of these incidents then please contact Dorset Police on 101 immediately.

Tips to avoid becoming a victim of distraction burglary :
If you’re not sure who is at your door, don’t open it. Check the identity of the caller by calling the company they are reporting to be from i.e. Police, Council or Gas, Electricity, Water companies. Use the telephone numbers listed in your local directory or provided independently by your service provider. Do not use any telephone numbers provided by the caller, as they may be bogus.
Many utility service providers like gas, electricity and water, provide password schemes for customers, sign up to these. When unannounced callers claiming to be from these utility providers call at your door they should know the password if they are genuine.

‘Water Boards’ no longer exist, it is an obsolete phrase used only by bogus callers.

Don’t keep large quantities of cash at home, put it in the bank where it is safe.

Keep doors locked and windows secure at all times.

If somebody asks for your help (ie needs to make a telephone call, lost a ball in your garden, needs a drink or pen and paper) refer them to a younger neighbour or assist them through a closed door or call a friend or neighbour to come and help.

If you suspect a bogus caller is at your door or a neighbours call the police immediately.

Your local Safer Neighbourhood Team can come to speak to you at home if you have any questions or concerns.


25 March 2014

A Wessex Water van was broken into whilst parked in Bournemouth. A blue bag and coat were stolen, both of which display the Wessex Water logo on them. These items potentially may be mis-used by the offender to pose as an official in order to gain entry into your home.

Please pass this message on and be mindful of any vulnerable neighbours you may have. Do not let any unknown persons into your home before checking their identification. If you are not expecting anyone please call the company to check before letting them in. Anyone with information is asked to call 101 quoting crime number 11457.

11 March 2014 – thefts from vehicles.

On 10th March a theft occurred at M&J Seafood on Brook Road Industrial Estate. The offenders stole 14 Catalytic Converters, siphoned fuel out of two vehicles and caused damage to two van cabs. Three persons were seen on CCTV and are believed to have left through the field towards Park Farm on Leigh Road. If you saw anything suspicious or have any information please contact Dorset Police on 101 or Crime Stoppers on 0800 555 111 quoting Crime Number 9799.

27 Feb 2014

This is a burglary message. Burglaries continue to occur in Colehill. Items that are being stolen include high value jewellery and electical items. Please review your home security arrangements. Further advice and a free home security survey are available from your local Safer Neighbourhood Team.

21 Feb 2014

We would like to make you aware of an increase in the “Microsoft Computer Scam”. This is where a person will ring you explaining there is a fault with you computer and ask you to turn on your computer. They will then remotely access your computer and gain personal information. If you receive these calls please hang up and report to Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040.

17 Feb 2014 – Message on behalf of Trading Standards

Have you had a tree, or branches, come down during the recent stormy weather? Looking for a tree surgeon who won’t rip you off?

Don’t become the victim of uninvited doorstep callers offering to cut down, or make safe, trees, or large branches in your garden.  This is the time of year when ‘rogue traders’ may take advantage of those unfortunate enough to have suffered damage to their homes and gardens. Before employing anyone to remove trees or branches check out the Trees page on the Borough of Poole’s website.

Trading Standards recommend that you consider choosing a trader on the Buy With Confidence scheme.  All the traders have been checked out by Trading Standards and are CRB checked.   Get access to a list of reputable traders from builders, roofers, plumbers and electricians, to gardeners and tree surgeons. Better safe than sorry!

If trees from your garden have caused damage to your neighbour’s property you may find that you have access to a Legal Helpline through your buildings/contents insurance – depending on the terms of your policy – Check it out!

If you think you have already been ‘ripped off’ you can phone the Citizens Advice Consumer Service on Tel: 08454 040506 and ask for advice.
If you have any information regarding the contents of this message, please call either Dorset Police on 101,  Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111, or you may prefer to contact your local SNT.

12 Feb 2014

Driving Consequences Event on 22 Feb – take a look at this pdf attachment

07 Feb 2014

This relates to several burglaries in the area. The first occurred on 3rd February around the area of Grammar School Lane. Entry was forced through a side kitchen window. Items stolen include high value jewellery. The offender was disturbed and is described as a male, of slim build, aged in his 30’s. If you have any information please contact Dorset Police on 101 or Crime Stoppers on 0800 555 111 quoting Crime Number 4711.

The second burglary occurred on 5th February in Olivers Way, Colehill. Entry gained through rear patio doors. Items stolen include money and a laptop. If you have any information please contact Dorset Police on 101 or Crime Stoppers on 0800 555 111 quoting Crime Number 5030.

Please review your home security arrangements, making sure all windows and doors are locked and burglar alarms, if fitted, is used when leaving your home. Further advice and a free home security survey are available from your local Safer Neighbourhood Team.


07 Feb 2014

Response to PCC Precept Debate here

30 Jan 2014

Please ignore this if your child does not attend a school in Wimborne or Colehill or you do not live near a school :

Dear Parents / Guardians,

Parents and Guardians who drop-off and pick-up their children at school will be aware of the increase in traffic during the times of 8:15 – 9:00 and 3:00 – 3:45. As a result the local SNT conduct patrols around the local schools. During our patrols we come across some very inconsiderately parked vehicles which not only slow up the traffic, but endanger the lives of school children. We are committed to educating drivers about the dangers of inconsiderate parking by way of information leaflets and on the spot advice. However a small minority continue to commit offences which could result in prosecution.

The SNT will be running an initiative to reduce the numbers of vehicles parked inappropriately around school pick up and drop off times. This will be run in two phases, firstly we will be placing No Waiting Cones in areas that are most affected by inconsiderate and sometimes illegal parking to show vehicle users where they should and should not be parking. Moving into the second phase the No Waiting Cones will be removed and vehicles that continue to park in these areas may have enforcement action taken against them. The purpose of this initiative is to increase the safety of the children and to ease the congestion. Kind Regards, Wimborne and Colehill SNT.

27 Jan 2014

As residents may be aware the area is still suffering from overnight garage and shed burglaries. Please can all residents review their garage and shed security, making sure that padlocks are used. If you would like further infomation please visit www.ferndowncommunityoffice.org and if you would like a target hardening survey conducted by the local Safer Neighbourhood Team please ring 101 and leave a message.

18 Jan 2014

Sheducation Trailer at Cuthbury Allotments.

17 Jan 2014

PCC Consultation – Precept 2014-15 has closed.

17 Jan 2014

A good news story regarding drink drive results over the festive period.
A total of 1472 breath tests were carried out by officers between December 1st 2013 and New Years day, compared with 1107 during the 2012 campaign. This is an increase of 33%. The force recorded 103 positive breath tests during the campaign compared to 101 in 2012. This saw the percentage of people supplying positive breath tests drop from 9% in 2012 to 7% in 2013.

We urge any members of public to report anyone they suspect of drink driving. Please call 999 if it is happening at the time or 101 with any non urgent information about drink drivers. Thank you from all the Safer Neighbourhood Teams at Wimborne Police Station

10 Jan 2014

Due to an increase in reported internet, telephone and postal scams, the Safer Neighbourhood Team would like to remind residents of the services provided by Action Fraud.
Action Fraud is the Police National Reporting Centre for all fraud and cyber crime. It means that members of the public and businesses can report incidents of fraud and scams to this “one stop shop” rather than to their local police force, unless they are reporting a crime that needs immediate action or investigation. Adopting this process results in a more focused and efficient approach to these technology based investigations.
Incidents of fraud, scams and cyber crime can be reported to Action Fraud online at www.actionfraud.police.uk or via telephone on 0300 123 2040.
10 Jan 2014 – PCC Engagement Forum – Leigh Park Community Association, Gordon Road, BH21 2AP

10 Jan 2014

PCC Engagement Forum – Leigh Park Community Association, Gordon Road, BH21 2AP

7 Jan 2014

The Neighbourhood & Home Watch Network (England & Wales) survey has closed.

18 Dec 2013 – Shed and garage burglaries

We are experiencing a higher than usual amount of burglaries to garages and sheds in the Wimborne area. If you would like some target hardening advice ring 101 and leave a message for the Safer Neighbourhood Team, alternatively visit the link and see what products are available:


4 Dec 2013

We have had a steep rise in shed burglaries. We are urging local residents to review their security. An inexpensive shed alarm amongst other security devices (see link above) is available through the Police Community Office, based at the Barrington Centre. Dorset Police are appealing to all residents to report anything suspicious on 101 or in an Emergency 999.

3 Dec 2013

Nominations for Watch group of the year, Watch member of the year, or Safer Neighbourhood Officer, PCSO or Team of the year, are now closed.

18 Nov 2013

Theft of a motorbike in the Poole Road area of Wimborne. The offenders stole a blue “Lexmoto” 125cc motorbike that is on a 62 registration plate. If you saw anything suspicious or have any information please contact Dorset Police on 101 or Crime Stoppers on 0800 555 111 quoting Crime Number 48357.

10 Nov 2013

A burglary occurred in the Allenview Rd area. Entry was gained via a rear door. Please review your home security arrangements. If you have any information please contact Dorset Police on 101 or Crime Stoppers on 0800 555 111 quoting Crime Number 46970

24 Oct 2013 – Breaks to sheds & garages

Lock up your garage, sheds & out buildings! We are experiencing a higher than usual amount of breaks to outbuildings (mainly garages & sheds). If you want some target hardening advice please private message us or ring 101 & leave a message for our team!

21 Oct 2013

The Association of Dorset Watches AGM

25 Sept 2013 Bicycle thefts

Wimborne Town has seen an increase in reports of stolen bikes. These bikes have been locked up but the offender has cut through the chain locks. Where possible please use D-locks as these are much stronger & difficult to cut through. Please be vigilant & report any suspicious activity on 101 or if you see the bike being stolen dial 999. If you have a high value bike please mark it with a UV marker or Permanent Marker, photograph the bike & note down serial numbers. This makes it a lot easier for us to spot it & also to return it to the rightful owner if we recover it.

21 Aug 13


13 Aug 13 – Criminal Damage

On 9th August between 10 – 10.30pm damage was caused in Leigh Gardens & Gordon Road. The offenders damaged several vehicles by kicking the cars. One male has been arrested for this offence but we are seeking further witnesses. If you saw anything suspicious or have any information please contact Dorset Police on 101 or Crime Stoppers on 0800 555 111 quoting Crime Number 32773.

7 Aug 2013

See the main Home Watch page for new Police contact details incl new email: sntwimborne&colehill@dorset.pnn.police.uk

25 July 2013

The Little Book of Big Scams produced by the Metropolitan Police is available to download (5MB) here

8 July 2013

ADW Committee. An open meeting was also held. Details nhwdorset@gmail.com

JULY 2013 – Dorset Driver courses (These will resume in 2014)

Bookings online at www.dorsetforyou.com/dorsetdriver or by telephone on 01305 224558.

Practical course –  £37.50 for a 90 minute session. Bookings www.dorsetforyou.com/dorsetdriver or call 01305 224558.

Dorset Driver Gold
Are you a driver aged 75 or over?  Free theory and practical driving course: visit dorsetforyou.com/roadsafety/gold

Road Safety Team, DCC, County Hall, DT1 1XJ. Tel: 01305 224558  dorsetforyou.com/roadsafety

1 July 2013 – suspicious vehicle

Residents are asked to be aware of a Y Reg Blue Iveco Van that has been seen is suspicious circumstances around the area. It has been reported that the occupants of the vehicle are trying to distract persons to steal tools. If you see this vehicle please try & obtain the registration plate & report it to Dorset Police on 101 immediately. PCSO Matt Brennan

1 July 2013 – Wimborne and Colehill Safer Neighbourhood Teams have merged

(The Stour Team have merged with Corfe Mullen). PC Steve Brett has moved to Bournemouth Division; we wish him well in his new job. PC Ian Curtis now leads the Wimborne & Colehill Team.

21 June 2013 – PCC Forums

For dates see the Association of Dorset Watches page www.nhwdorset.org.uk/page9.htm

20 June 2013 – bicycle thefts

We have seen an increase in bikes being stolen. Offenders are stealing bikes from insecure garages or back gardens. Please can all residents make sure they leave bikes in secure garages or sheds or use locks even when leaving them for short periods in gardens.

10 June 2013

Regarding a distraction burglary in Pilford Heath Rd, a female and a male have been arrested and charged with this offence.

5 June 2013 – distraction burglary in Pilford Heath Road, Colehill

A female called asking to look in the back garden for a child’s lost guinea pig. When the householder went to meet the woman in the back garden they were not there and subsequently it was discovered that a handbag and a bumbag were missing.

20 May 2013 – Future PCC Engagement Forums

Police and Crime Commissioner Martyn Underhill is holding a series of PCC Engagement Forums, where members of the community are invited to attend and discuss any issues regarding community safety. 10 January 2014 – Leigh Park Community Hall, Wimborne (10-12)

For a full list of dates, see  http://www.dorset.pcc.police.uk/Get-Involved/Public-Forums.aspx

16 May 2013

On 13th May the same red Transit pick up as mentioned in a previous message was spotted by a Home Watch member in the Cranfield Avenue area. Overnight on 13th May an insecure garage was entered in Cranfield Ave. A mountain bike and a tricycle style micro scooter were stolen.

12 May 2013

Please be aware of a red Ford Transit van, with a pick up style back, that has been seen in the Colehill area. Two males from this vehicle did some gardening work for an elderly vulnerable male in the Pilford Heath Rd area, charging over £300 for a couple of hours of hedge trimming. The vehicle has been seen in the area subsequently.

7 May 2013

A spate of burglaries have recently been committed during the day, mainly in the afternoons particularly around St Leonards, Ferndown and West Moors areas which are believed to be linked. It is suspected that offenders are using a car and recently a White Audi A1, part registration –12 HYC, has been seen in suspicious circumstances at a recent burglary. Another car that may be involved is a Red Ford Galaxy, part registration S—TBA.
Dorset Police are very interested in sightings of these vehicles and if you see a person or vehicle acting suspiciously then please dial 999 immediately, noting any descriptions, vehicle details and direction of travel.

2 May 2013

Motorists are being advised by Dorset Police to remove all valuables from their vehicles when visiting beauty spots in the County.
Typically, thefts from motor vehicles increase during the summer months but many people still take risks when leaving their vehicles unattended by leaving windows open or valuables on display. The best advice is not to leave anything in your car, leave it at home or take it with you.
More crime prevention advice can be found by visiting the Dorset Police Crime Prevention Portal at www.dorset.police.uk and then clicking on the Crime Prevention Portal link.

29 Apr 2013 – Missing person message.

Dorset Police are concerned for the welfare of Richard GIBBONS a 54 year old local male missing from an address in Poole since 18th April. Mr Gibbons is 5’7″ of a small frame with shoulder length mid brown hair. Anyone with information of his current whereabouts should contact Dorset Police quoting incident number 51 of the 18th April.

24 Apr 2013 – Wimborne

An attempted shed break, fortunately the person was disturbed and nothing was taken.

15 Mar 2013 BURGLARY

On 14 March a burglary occurred at a detached house in the Bridle Way area of Colehill. Entry was gained from the Canon Hill Plantation into the rear garden and then via a kitchen window. The opening window was forced out of its frame. It appears only a desktop computer and camera were stolen.

05 Mar 2013

On 24 February, a fatal road traffic collision involving a red moped occurred on the A31 near Ashley Heath roundabout.

28 Feb 2013

We are currently having incidents of theft of power tools from Gardeners and Builders Vans. We held a crime prevention evening for tradesmen on 14 March.

25 Feb 2013

Overnight 20-21 February a house in the Park Homer area of Colehill was broken into. Entry was gained by slipping the lock on the front door which had not been deadlocked or bolted. The occupants were at home in bed but did not disturb. It seems the offender was spooked as nothing was stolen.

9 Feb 2013

Overnight 3 February a house under renovation in the Colborne Ave area was broken into via a downstairs window and workmans tools stolen.
Overnight 4 February a garage and a garden shed were broken into at separate locations along the Cowgrove Rd. Power tools and gardening tools were stolen. Both were entered by forcing the locks. Overnight 5 February a shed in a paddock off Northleigh La was broken into and horse tack stolen.

7 Jan 2013

This is a crime prevention message. Vehicles continue to be left insecure and valuables stolen from inside. Please remember to remove items of value and do not be tempted to leave them in the boot. Laptops, handbags, CDs, wallets and tools should all be removed, together with Satellite and GPS equipment as well as the cradle used to hold the device to the screen. Driving documents and personal correspondence should not be left inside the vehicle, even if for only a short time. Please remain vigilant and report any suspicious persons or activity as soon as possible.

18 Dec 12 – Sheducation Trailer

Feel free to come down and take a look. For more information www.ferndowncommunityoffice.org/Sheducation.php

24 Oct 12 – Overnight Theft from Commercial Vehicles

Two vans were broken into last night in Cutlers Place, Colehill. Both vans were secure but had valuable tools inside. Combined losses in the region of three thousand pounds. If you have a commercial vehicle please consider removing valuable items overnight or enhancing the vehicles security.

4 Oct 12

For your information, there have been numerous recent breaks to both properties, outbuildings and vehicles in the local area.
These crimes have occurred across the area in Wimborne, Verwood, Three Legged Cross and the rural villages.
A variety of items have been taken such as jewellery, gardening equipment, and cash.
Can all residents make sure that homes, sheds, garages, and vehicles are secured when unoccupied, and all security devices are set.
Where possible please do not leave valuables on display, both in vehicles and through windows of properties.
For larger items such as gardening equipment for example, marking the items and making notes of serial numbers are essential. Do not leave items in vehicles or in the back of works vehicles if possible, and if you are working at a property do not leave your works vehicle open and unattended or tools lying around.
If you wish to invest in further security devices for your home or garden then the Police Community Office is located in the Barrington Centre in Pennys Walk, Ferndown. They provide numerous alarms, padlocks and other ideas for improved security at low costs. If you are unable to get to Ferndown then you can call the office on 01202 876219 or visit their website – www.ferndowncommunityoffice.org

25 Aug 12

Reports of door to door sellers offering services such as new driveways. Dorset Police discourage any resident from purchasing services or products from the doorstep, and would always urge you to seek numerous written quotes before accepting any work. There is a seven day cooling-off period for any sales over £35 at the doorstep for the consumer to withdraw from a contract. For more information, please visit www.adviceguide.org.uk/england.htm
One of the most recent door to door sales is people asking to purchase from you any pens, medals and coins etc. The individuals are very smartly dressed and quite polite. Although the few people who have sold items like this have been happy with the price, these individuals are more than happy to come into your home and help you look for any items they may be willing to buy.
If you have any concerns about people who are calling at your property please contact Dorset Police on 101. Please try and gather as much information about the caller beforehand such as description and any vehicles.

6 Aug 12

Over a three day period last week we have had three vehicles containing work tools and equipment broken into in Colehill. Two of these breaks occurred during the daytime, and in all three cases a selection of electrical and other types of work tools have been stolen.
Two of the vehicles had been parked on the victims driveway when the crime occurred. Can we urge all people with works vehicles to make sure all security devices are set when leaving the vehicle, and where possible can you attempt to take as many tools from the vehicle as possible when leaving it.
Please can people also try and mark all tools which they own and keep a record of serial numbers.

25 July 12 – Wimborne Police Station now has NEW OPENING TIMES

At all other times please use the yellow telephone located on the front of the building to speak to an operator.

20 July 12 – Colehill & Stour

There have been a couple of thefts from cars left at beauty spot car parks in the Stour area. Both involved the loss of handbags left under the seats. In one of the cases no damage was caused so we can only assume the vehicle had been left unlocked! I keep saying it but it still happens – please do not leave valuables in your parked car, even if you think you have hidden them sufficiently.

5 July 12

We are unaware of any increase in confirmed scams occurring in Dorset, however there have been a number  of recent incidents where information has ‘gone viral’ through social networking sites and other similar means without there being any substance to them. Please be aware the Dorset Police ‘scam busters’ website will display any confirmed scams in the area and is worth checking for information:

The Metropolitan Police have produced a useful booklet regarding scams and the link to this is also included.

30 May 12

We have been contacted by residents of the Broomhill area, making us aware of a suspicious van, a white transit flat bed vehicle with wooden sides.
Two males have been seen on board both approximately late 30’s to 40’s.  Males were asking for scrap metal.
Please can we ask all residents to be aware of any suspicious vehicles in this area and if you have any concerns then please contact Dorset Police  on 101.
Please gather as much information as possible before phoning the Police, such as number plates, description of persons etc. If a crime is occurring then dial 999.

7 April 12

We have had a few calls about possible bogus charity collectors. However one group at least were established as legitimate and were collecting for Action on Hearing Loss. We would still advise caution when dealing with cold callers of any type and you should never feel pressured into buying or donating at your door. If you have any doubts about cold callers ring the police on 101.

21 Mar 12

This morning a resident from the Beaucroft Lane area was alerted to his neighbours back garden by their barking dog. The neighbour spotted a male of eastern-european complexion up a ladder. When this male saw the neighbour looking he waved at him. The neighbour quickly attended the address and the male had vanished. It appears that the male may have been paying attention to an open window on the property.

15 Mar 12

Dorset Police would like to remind residents not to allow strangers into their home, regardless of what they are told on their doorstep. Recently an elderly occupant became victim of a distraction burglary having allowed a stranger in to her home. The male claimed his car had broken down and asked to use her phone book to call for assistance. It was subsequently discovered he had stolen cash and bankcards. This is one of many fictitious reasons used to gain entry into unsuspecting victims homes. If you are in doubt of callers legitimacy, please call a friend or neighbour to assist you in verifying their identity.

12 Mar 12

Dorset Police have been made aware of a hoax email, which purports to have been originated by Dorset Police.
The email is entitled ‘Home Watch-protecting people, property and pets’ and displays the unsanctioned use of Dorset Police and Ringmaster logos.  This is NOT a legitimate email and the scam does not exist.  If you have received one of these emails and have forwarded it on please update those individuals that this is not a genuine email, and whilst all persons should exercise due regard to their own personal safety there is no cause for concern at this time.  A copy of the offending email is attached for your information.

Hoax email: “Gangs Stopping Cars…Never Stop!!!
Gangs and thieves are now plotting different ways to get a person (mostly women) to stop their vehicle and get out of the car. “There is a gang initiation reported by the local Police where gangs are placing a car seat by the road…with a fake baby in it…waiting for a woman to stop and check on the abandoned baby….”

23 Feb 12 – rogue trader caller message.

On 22 Feb a male of approx 55 years old called at an address in Corfe Mullen. They told the occupant that they were collecting old coins and fountain pens.

19 Feb 12

This evening we have had reports of suspicious door knockers in Dales Drive. At least two young women have been calling at houses claiming to be deaf and asking for money. If you are subject to these kind of callers please ring 101 and report to the Police at the time.

13 Feb 12

Between 6th & 7th a burglary to a stable occurred. The offenders gained entry and stole Tack.
An attempt to another stable the same night was unsuccesful. Both Stables were located in the Long Lane area.
Please review your own outbuilding security. For further advice and a free security survey please contact your Safer Neighbourhood Team. If you have any information please contact Dorset Police on 101 or Crime Stoppers on 0800 555 111 quoting Crime Number C:12:D:005431.

8 Feb 12

During this cold weather funding is available from the Dorset Community Foundation and N H S Winter warm project to assist with heating repairs, fuel poverty payments, and warm clothing.  Additionally grants are also available to community groups towards obtaining gritting and salt supplies.  Further information on 01202 2922255 or at www.dorsetcommunityfoundation.org  also:

Dorset Energy Advice Centre – 01202 469907 (impartial energy advice)

Synergy Housing – 01202 308787 (Emergency Heating Repairs)

Dorset Fire and Rescue Services – 01305 753169 (Loans of Emergency Heaters)

Any Citizens Advice Bureau

7 Feb 12

A theft occurred in the Crown Mead area of Wimborne. A male has touched the victim on the shoulder and the female he was with has asked the victim the way to the Post Office, before walking off. 15 minutes later the victim has noticed his wallet is missing. Two suspects have been arrested. Please make sure that you keep your valuable items safe and concealed. Refrain from storing them in areas such as your back pockets where they are easily accessible.

5 Feb 12

At just before 9.30am a major gas leak occurred in the vicinity of the Canford Bottom roundabout on the A31.

2 Feb 12

We would like to ask all recipients to be mindful of any neighbours who may be vulnerable during the current cold weather.  Please take time to check on them and wherever possible offer your assistance if they require it. A link to the N.H.S website with useful tips and advice is :

2 Feb 12

On 1st Feb a theft occurred outside Whiteways, Colehill. The offenders stole a MacBook Pro Laptop by removing it from the back seat of an Audi A3 whilst it was unattended.

26 Jan 12

We have received various reports regarding door-to-door callers asking for email addresses and bank details in order to set up direct debit payments for various charities. While some of these may be legitimate, there have been complaints that heavy handed and aggressive techniques have been used. Most legitimate callers will have their own equipment and identification, however please remember not to divulge any personal details to strangers.

24 Jan 12

Information Message – British Red Cross, House to House Charity Collections.
Between 30th Jan and 26th Feb a company called Appco Group Support will be conducting door to door fundraising activities on behalf of the Red Cross.

12 Jan 12

Travelling to Dorset? Find the latest travel news at dorsetforyou.com/traveldorset.

08 Jan 12

On 2nd January offenders were disturbed trying to break into a garage in a detached block off Fryer’s Copse. Due to the brave actions of the lone female householder the offenders fled empty handed.
On 3rd January a house in Middlehill Rd was broken into. The key was left on the inside of the back door and the offender broke the plastic panel to reach in and use the key. Jewellery was stolen.

05 Jan 12

Two burglaries occurred on 3rd January at Leigh Road, Wimborne. Entry was gained by forcing a rear window. Suspected items stolen include jewellery, gift vouchers and cheque books.

22 Dec 11 – Information concerning the nhwo website

This article has been temporarily suspended.

18 Dec 11

There have been three shed burglaries over the last week in the Highland Rd/Giddylake area. Entry was gained by forcing padlocks in two cases and the third was insecure. Having gained entry in two instances the offenders stole nothing.

9 Dec 11

We are experiencing an increase of suspicious activity in relation to Rogue Traders and Bogus callers.
A rise in scrap metal prices has meant an increase in scrap metal thefts and large vehicles loaded with scrap metal have called at addresses offering their services to remove any you may have.

7 Dec 11

Just before yesterday lunchtime a resident in the Wesley Rd area of Colehill had a suspicious male knock on the door and offer to relay his driveway.
The man was in a grey Ford Transit van with a registration ending UNM and was carrying a clipboard with ‘Check a Trade’ written on it. Our informants own enquiries with ‘Check a Trade’ revealed they had not heard of the company. The man made no attempt to enter the property and left when the offer of work was declined.

24 Nov 11

We have had a couple of reports of a young man riding his mini moto on the public highway in the vicinity of St Michael’s Middle School. We are most anxious to speak with this man and advise him before he hurts himself or someone else.

16 Nov 11

During the evening of 15th two shed burglaries occurred in Freemans Close, Colehill. Entry was gained and the offender stole numerous items which we later located with the offender himself inside his vehicle which had been blocked in on the victims driveway. The offender was subsequently arrested, charged and has been remanded in custody.

1 Nov 11

Sometime last week a silver car derived van was stolen from the driveway of a house in Lonnen Rd, Colehill.

27 Oct 11

A couple of weeks ago we had a report of damage being caused to a front room window in Dales Drive. Following investigation by Colehill Safer Neighbourhood Team the young man responsible was identified. A restorative justice conference was held with the offender, his mother and the two elderly victims. As a result not only was an apology forthcoming but the victims were suitably recompensed financially.

23 Oct 10 -From Colehill SNT – AGM

One really important message was passed on Thursday by your Chairman, John Shave – the Wimborne & Colehill Home Watch needs help in the form of new committee members and new contacts. Without an increase in support there is a very real danger that this excellent Home Watch will fold. Please do not be complacent about the impact this will have on our ongoing fight to reduce crime and keep people safe. We have to work together as a community and Home Watch is a massively effectively tool for doing this.

13 Oct 11

Some of you may have heard the Police helicopter last night over the Colehill area. This was in response to a call from a member of the public regarding the possible theft of a caravan. Fortunately Police units arrived and with the help of the helicopter two males were subsequently detained and arrested.


Police in East Dorset are offering reassurance to parents following a small number of reported suspicious incidents in Alderholt and Hampshire and subsequent online rumours.

06 Oct 11

On 29 September a trike was stolen from the Poole area. The trike was specially adapted for the owner who is disabled. It is described as a blue specialised three wheeled Longstaff trike.

01 Oct 11

Wimborne Police Station is now running a Cycle Defect Rectification Scheme. This is to educate people in cycle safety. We will be targeting persons who do not have lights on their bike whilst riding in the dark and persons with no brakes on their bike.
If you are caught with a defect you will be given a form that will give you 14 days to rectify the problem and show your bike to a local safer neighbourhood team officer or present your bike at Wimborne Police Station. If this does not happen you may be issued with a £30 fixed penalty notice.

28 Sept 11

Two card reading devices were found and recovered on Cash Points in Wimborne. We advise that whenever you use a cash machine you check to see if there is anything that has been fitted over the card slot and anything that looks over the pin key pad. Cover your hand while inputting your pin number.

28 Sept 11

This is a Theft message. Between 0930 and 1115 on the 28092011 a theft occurred in Middlehill Road. The offenders stole a homemade wooden trailer with a green cover. The trailer was displaying index x116yru. Approximate measurements 4ft x 6ft. If you saw anything suspicious or have any information please contact Dorset Police on 101 or Crime Stoppers on 0800 555 111 quoting Crime Number c:11:d:044030


Police are appealing for witnesses and anyone with information to come forward after two distraction burglaries in the East of the county which may be linked.
The first incident, in which two offenders gained entry to a pensioner’s property along Mudeford Lane and stole cash, happened at around 5pm on Friday, 16 September 2011.
One of the offenders has been described as white, in his thirties and between five feet eight inches and five feet ten inches tall. He has short fair bushy hair, which was combed back, and was wearing a blue open-necked shirt.
The second man is also white, in his forties or fifties, of stocky build and just under six feet tall and has short dark hair. He was clean shaven and wearing a white shirt with coloured stripes, a dark tie and gloves. He is quietly spoken.

In the second incident on Saturday, 17 September, at an address along Ibbertson Road in Bournemouth a man engaged the occupant in a conversation about house repairs. Later on the pensioner realised that someone had gained entry to the house and stolen cash and jewellery.
The man has been described as white, in his forties, six feet tall, well built and with dark short hair which is curly on the top. He was wearing a green v-neck pullover – which had another colour as well – dark pinstriped trousers and black pointed shoes. He was speaking with a deep southern Irish accent.

Detective Constable Steve Davis, Dorset CID, said: “Due to similarities in the descriptions of the offenders these two incidents might be linked. “I would urge anyone who may have seen or heard anything unusual at the time in either of these two locations to contact police as soon as possible.Also, anyone with any information about those responsible should contact police urgently.”


The new 101 number has replaced the previous non-emergency police number in Dorset of 222 222.
Calls to the 101 non-emergency number – from both landlines and mobile phones – cost 15 pence per call.

23 August 11

A blue Ford Transit, partial registration ending MOO, was caught driving around a Colehill school grounds with three males on board allegedly looking for scrap metal.

29 July 11

Burglary at Furzehill. Entry was gained to the double garage by forcing an internal door accessed from an insecure rear lobby. Having gained entry the offenders did not steal any property. The occupants were at home at the time, asleep at the other end of the house.

22 July 11

This is a message concerning cold callers.Two males in a white van sign written ‘Clean A Roof’ charged an elderly lady in Broadstone £188 for cleaning her guttering and repairing tiles. A Neighbour challenged them and they reduced the cost to £110.

8 July 11

This is a non-domestic burglary message.
Between 9am 1st July and 9pm 6th July a burglary occurred in the Burts Hill area of Colehill. Entry was gained to an insecure barn in a secluded location. Having gained entry the offenders stole three landscaping power tools. A total loss amounting to nearly three thousand pounds.
Unfortunately none of the property was security marked and the serial numbers are unknown.

4 June 11

Emergency Services Blue Light Day

28 May 11

Report of two shoplifters at Waitrose. A member of the public contacted a member of staff from the Waitrose store informing them that two persons were acting in a suspicious manner within the store. Both persons were observed by staff and then stopped as they were about to leave the store with a trolley full of goods. Both offenders then left the store leaving the trolley and attempted to make off. A call was made on the shop link radio alerting other stores and the Police that two offenders were making off. The operator of the CCTV cameras located the two offenders. Both offenders were then located and detained.

25 May 11 – Flood Warden Scheme

We have received a communication with regards to the Flood Warden Scheme: download . We were requested to send this by the Environment Agency whose contact details are shown on the document. All enquiries in relation to it should be directed to them and not your Local SNT. Thank You. Mrs Elaine Ryan

18 May 11

Report of two shoplifters at Waitrose. A member of the public contacted a member of staff from the Waitrose store informing them that two persons were acting in a suspicious manner within the store. Both persons were observed by staff and then stopped as they were about to leave the store with a trolley full of goods. Both offenders then left the store leaving the trolley and attempted to make off. A call was made on the shop link radio alerting other stores and the Police that two offenders were making off. The operator of the CCTV cameras located the two offenders. Both offenders were then located and detained.

13 May 11

Between 7th – 8th May a burglary occurred at Cranborne Road, Furzehill. Entry was gained by smashing the door of the premises. Having gained entry to two areas the offenders stole toiletries, food and drink, cash and a camera.

28 April 11

This is a cold caller message. On 27 April three males called at an address on Freemans Lane. They told the elderly occupant that work needed to be done on the roof of her property. They agreed to carry out the work and went onto the roof as well as gaining access to the inside of her house. Fortunately a neighbour challenged the males and they subsequently left.

16 April 11

I reported the theft of some alcohol from the Co-Op in February. Following a second similar offence at the One Stop a man has been arrested and charged with both offences.
Last weekend there were two burglaries in Colehill. One in the Bridle Way area whereby entry was gained through an insecure window and cash was stolen. The second was in the area of Smugglers La and a prompt call to the police by neighbours prevented the completion of the offence and no entry was gained. The offender was arrested nearby.

8 April 11

Several weeks ago two residents in the Ashmeads area suffered some unfortunate damage to their front door. A stone was thrown and broke the double glazing. Colehill SNT have identified the young man responsible and he has apologised to the victims and repaid them for the damage caused. This was accomplished through a restorative justice conference, facilitated by PCSO Matt Johnson.

28 March 11

This is a cautionary warning from the Ferndown SNT, which may be applicable to parts of our area also.
A flyer for driveways work has been handed to police in circumstances of concern. The company are called Forest Drives and the legitimacy of this company cannot be confirmed, however I would draw your attention to the head office address, 115 Victoria Rd, Ferndown – this is in fact, Barclays Bank!

The postcode relates to an entirely different address in Ferndown. Both telephone numbers are messaging services. To view the flyer, then please visit www.ferndownpact.com and click on Crime Reduction Advice section.

1 Feb 11

A new Government website has been launched allowing residents to enter a postcode and view the crime in that area.
Visit http://www.police.uk

31 Jan 11

Our surgery outside the Co-Op on the first Wednesday of the month has moved to start at 2.30pm for an hour.
Our other two surgeries have been cancelled due to a lack of interest.

23 Dec 10

Last Sunday there was a robbery at the One Stop in Dales Drive. I’m pleased to say an arrest has already been made in connection with this serious offence and enquiries are ongoing.
It has been brought to my attention by the Parish Council that there has been a suspiciously large amount of grit disappearing from the Colehill grit bins. This is a resource provided at public expense to keep roads and pavements clear. Not for personal use on private property. If you see people loading up cars and or trailers from the grit bins please inform the police. Any vehicle registration or description of people involved is always useful.

29 Oct 10 Marketing Calls and junk mail

These type of calls can be reduced by registering with the Telephone Preference Service www.tpsonline.org.uk
A similar method can be used for junk mail with the Mailing Preference Service www.mpsonline.org.uk/mpsr/
There is a lot of good advice about this sort of thing on Adviceguide

21 Oct 10

Dorset Police have introduced a web page called Scam Busters. The link is scambusters or enter www.dorset.police.uk/default.aspx?page=4821 into your web browser.

12 Oct 10

We have had a number of telephone calls today from residents concerned about doorstep sales people. I have spoken with Zenith Staybrite and they confirmed that they have had sales people canvassing in this area.

20 May 10

Anita Rigler has left the Police service, for pastures new. We wish her well. She says: “I have to say that is has not only been a pleasure working with you all but an absolute privilage. I like to think our joint, considerable effort over the past 14 years has made a substantial difference to the lives of our members and for some parts of Dorset being the safest place in the country.” We would like to thank her for her tireless support of all things ‘Home Watch’. Ed.

13 May 10

I am seeing reports of Poles calling door to door begging for money. I have a translation by a Verwood NHW member: (There is also a downloadversion [46kB] ).


We will not purchase from callers at the door
My nie kupujemy od nikogo nieznanego na progu domu

We will not give you any money
My nie dajemy zadnych pieniedzy dla obcych ludzi

Please do not return
Prosze tutaj wiecej nie przychodziè

Thank you