SID Data Analysis for Canford Bottom (Eastbound), 1st-7th November 2016

Site – Colehill, Canford Bottom (Eastbound)
Analysis of SID Data collected 1st – 7th November 2016
Total Number of movements 23,513
Number of Days (or parts of) in Survey 7
Average Number of Vehicle per day 3,359
Maximum Speed 60 mph
Minimum Speed 1 mph
Average Speed 28.68 mph
Modal speed (highest frequency) 31 mph
85th percentile 35 mph
Speeds up to 30mph 11,351 48.28%
Speeds Between 31&35mph 9,133 38.84%
Speeds Between 36&39mph 2,461 10.47%
Speeds Between 40&50mph 562 2.39%
Speeds Over 50mph 6 0.03%
Total for check 23,513 100.00%
Traffic Between Midnight and 6AM 481 2.05%
Traffic Between 6AM and Midday 8,243 35.06%
Traffic between Midday and 6PM 8,963 38.12%
Traffic 6PM to Midnight 5,825 24.77%
Total for check 23,512 100.00%
Traffic movements on Sunday 2,612 11.11%
Traffic movements on Monday 3,551 15.10%
Traffic movements on Tuesday 3,563 15.15%
Traffic movements on Wednesday 3,588 15.26%
Traffic movements on Thursday 3,531 15.02%
Traffic movements on Friday 3,365 14.31%
Traffic movements on Saturday 3,303 14.05%
Total for check 23,513 100.00%

This is on the post adjacent to the OneStop shop in Dales Drive – but pointing back up the hill into the village.
This is the first time we have tried this in that direction – there are obvious compromises with it recording traffic on the opposite side of the road, but there are reports of vehicles coming round that bend at Willow Drive rather too quickly and potentially ending up on the wrong side of the white lines.

It is interesting to note the number of vehicle movements.  We generally suggest that there are just under 20,000 vehicle movements per week passing along Middlehill Road – and this is nearly 20% higher.  Are they all coming from the Bridleway estate or up Hayes Lane (from Cutlers Place etc) and then out?