SID Data Analysis for Middlehill Road (Eastbound) 18th-24th August 2016

Site – Colehill, Middlehill Road (Eastbound)
Analysis of SID Data collected 18th-24th August 2016
Total Number of movements 19,548
Number of Days (or parts of) in Survey 7
Average Number of Vehicle per day 2,793
Maximum Speed 68 mph
Minimum Speed 1 mph
Average Speed 34 mph
Modal speed (highest frequency) 35 mph
85th percentile 39 mph
Speeds up to 30mph 4,399 22.50%
Speeds Between 31&35mph 8,507 43.52%
Speeds Between 36&39mph 4,316 22.08%
Speeds Between 40&50mph 2,238 11.45%
Speeds Over 50mph 88 0.45%
Total for check 19,548 100.00%
Traffic Between Midnight and 6AM 474 2.42%
Traffic Between 6AM and Midday 7,145 36.55%
Traffic between Midday and 6PM 7,945 40.64%
Traffic 6PM to Midnight 3,984 20.38%
Total for check 19,548 100.00%
Traffic movements on Sunday 2,154 11.02%
Traffic movements on Monday 2,901 14.84%
Traffic movements on Tuesday 2,919 14.93%
Traffic movements on Wednesday 3,023 15.46%
Traffic movements on Thursday 3,010 15.40%
Traffic movements on Friday 3,075 15.73%
Traffic movements on Saturday 2,466 12.62%
Total for check 19,548 100.00%

Conditions were good – mostly dry – and warm
This analysis period is entirely within the school summer holiday period.
It is not widely recognised (by people outside the village) that we get nearly 20,000 traffic movements a week along this road.
The position of the SID pole is at the bottom of the hill, where it can be difficult to keep speeds below 30mph (without “riding the brakes”), however, the fact that 1 in 3 vehicles exceeds 35mph at this point is clearly unacceptable in a built-up area.
We have now turned the device round to record traffic approaching the hill from Canford Bottom.