SID Data from Canford Bottom

The Parish Council has published the data from the Speed Indicator Device (SID) deployment outside OneStop at Canford Bottom during the first week of March.

While the average speed seems reasonable it is disconcerting that apparently over 11% seem to regard driving round a blind bend into a residential area at speeds in excess of 35mph as acceptable.

Site – Colehill, Canford Bottom
Analysis of SID Data collected between 1 March 2013 and 7 March 2013
Total Number of movements 11776
Number of Days (or parts of) in Survey 7
Average Number of Vehicle per day 1682.29
Maximum Speed 58 mph
Minimum Speed 10 mph
Average Speed 30.40 mph
Modal speed (highest frequency) 31 mph
85th percentile 35 mph
Speeds up to 30mph 5656 48.03%
Speeds Between 31&35mph 4790 40.68%
Speeds Between 36&39mph 1052 8.93%
Speeds Between 40&50mph 270 2.29%
Speeds Over 50mph 8 0.07%
Total for check 11776 100.00%
Traffic Between Midnight and 6AM 334 2.84%
Traffic Between 6AM and Midday 3428 29.11%
Traffic between Midday and 6PM 5053 42.91%
Traffic 6PM to Midnight 2961 25.14%
Total for check 11776 100.00%
Traffic movements on Sunday 1380 11.72%
Traffic movements on Monday 1629 13.83%
Traffic movements on Tuesday 1778 15.10%
Traffic movements on Wednesday 1723 14.63%
Traffic movements on Thursday 1796 15.25%
Traffic movements on Friday 1898 16.12%
Traffic movements on Saturday 1572 13.35%
Total for check 11776 100.00%


What these figures don’t show is how many people slowed down when the SID reminded them.  As usual we will be sharing this data with the Police and the Highways Authority.