SID data from Middlehill Road

This is the summary analysis of the data collected from our Speed Indicator Device from a recent week-long recent stint on the post in Middlehill Road.  It shows a worrying disregard for the speed limit.  The 74mph incident was recorded in the early hours of the morning (1.48am), which at least meant that there was unlikely to be anybody about to be endangered.

Site – Colehill, Middlehill Road
Analysis of SID Data collected between 26 March 2013 and 2 April 2013
Total Number of movements 15276
Number of Days (or parts of) in Survey 7
Average Number of Vehicle per day 2182.29
Maximum Speed 74 mph
Minimum Speed 10 mph
Average Speed 32.65 mph
Modal speed (highest frequency) 33 mph
85th percentile 37 mph
Speeds up to 30mph 4654 30.47%
Speeds Between 31&35mph 6590 43.14%
Speeds Between 36&39mph 2759 18.06%
Speeds Between 40&50mph 1226 8.03%
Speeds Over 50mph 47 0.31%
Total for check 15276 100.00%
Traffic Between Midnight and 6AM 453 2.97%
Traffic Between 6AM and Midday 5577 36.51%
Traffic between Midday and 6PM 6382 41.78%
Traffic 6PM to Midnight 2864 18.75%
Total for check 15276 100.00%
Traffic movements on Sunday 1771 11.59%
Traffic movements on Monday 1790 11.72%
Traffic movements on Tuesday 2546 16.67%
Traffic movements on Wednesday 2540 16.63%
Traffic movements on Thursday 2606 17.06%
Traffic movements on Friday 1945 12.73%
Traffic movements on Saturday 2078 13.60%
Total for check 15276 100.00%


The device was situated by the junction between the top end of Bridleway – just before Middlehill Road turns into Canford Bottom opposite Hayes Lane.   It’s at the bottom of the hill – recording traffic travelling towards Ferndown.
The analysis period spanned the Easter weeked and the reduced traffic, particularly on the Friday and Monday, is noticable.  Also the whole period was during the school holidays, so no schools traffic here.