SID Report for Hayes Lane (1)

The Parish Council has published the data from the Speed Indicator Device (SID) deployment in Hayes Lane between the 10th and the 16th March.

Site – Colehill, Hayes Lane (Southbound)
Analysis of SID Data collected – 10 March 2013 to 16 March 2013
Total Number of movements 7,965
Number of Days (or parts of) in Survey 7
Average Number of Vehicle per day 1,138
Maximum Speed 51 mph
Minimum Speed 10 mph
Average Speed 24.88 mph
Modal speed (highest frequency) 17 mph
85th percentile 34 mph
Speeds up to 30mph 5,404 67.85%
Speeds Between 31&35mph 1,818 22.82%
Speeds Between 36&39mph 561 7.04%
Speeds Between 40&50mph 179 2.25%
Speeds Over 50mph 3 0.04%
Total for check 7,965 100.00%
Traffic Between Midnight and 6AM 133 1.67%
Traffic Between 6AM and Midday 2,920 36.66%
Traffic between Midday and 6PM 3,368 42.28%
Traffic 6PM to Midnight 1,544 19.38%
Total for check 7,965 100.00%
Traffic movements on Sunday 877 11.01%
Traffic movements on Monday 1,176 14.76%
Traffic movements on Tuesday 1,228 15.42%
Traffic movements on Wednesday 1,240 15.57%
Traffic movements on Thursday 1,246 15.64%
Traffic movements on Friday 1,203 15.10%
Traffic movements on Saturday 995 12.49%
Total for check 7,965 100.00%


Nothing very noteworthy here.  There are a lot of vehicles slowing to turn into Jessop Road or Freemans Lane – hence the modal speed of 17mph and the correspondingly reduced averages.   We have extracted this data, cleared the memory and then turned the device round to face towards the old railway bridge so that we can compare the statistics for the Northbound traffic.

The data set runs from midnight on Sunday 10th to midnight on Saturday 16th – an exact 7 day period.

Colehill Parish Council jointly own the Speed Indicator Device with Holt Parish Council.  It is managed in conjunction with a team from Dorset County Council, however the deployment and data  collection is by Parish Council volunteers.  It can only be deployed on purpose-erected poles at several sites across the two parishes – as agreed with County Highways.