Committees and Sub-Committees

Full Parish Council meetings are held approximately eight times a year on a six weekly cycle. The Council appoints two main committees. The committees have the power to make decisions on behalf of the Council or make recommendations to be approved by the Council.


Highways and Plans Committee

Highways and Plans Committee meets approximately 16 times a year and considers street lighting, street furniture, public rights of way, street naming, tree preservation orders and inspects all planning applications in relation to the Parish of Colehill.

The Members of Highways and Plans Committee are:  Cllrs Gary Adams, Susan Cowsill, Ian Dickins (Vice-Chairman), Charlotte Greening, Tony Holloway, KD Johnson, Helen Lawrence, David Mitchell, Emma Urquhart (Chairman) and Jeff Webb.

Finance and General Purposes Committee

Finance and General Purposes Committee meets approximately eight times a year and recommends to the Council the management of the Parish Council’s finances, authorises payment of accounts, co-ordinates the estimates of other Committees in preparing annual estimates for Council, recommends to Council any revisions and extensions of its financial policy, considers grant applications and considers all matters not falling within the province of other Committees.

The Members of Finance and General Purposes Committee are: Cllrs Susan Cowsill, Charlotte Greening, KD Johnson, Stephen King (Chairman), Helen Lawrence (Vice-Chairman), David Mitchell, Barry Roberts, Peter Scriven, Emma Urquhart and Jeff Webb.

Hall Inspection Sub-Committee

The Members of the Hall Inspection Sub-Committee are Cllrs Ian Dickins, KD Johnson and David Mitchell.

Risk Assessment Sub-Committee

The Members of the Risk Assessment Sub-Committee are Cllrs Susan Cowsill, KD Johnson and David Mitchell.