Councillors’ Roles and Representation

The list below shows the roles and representation undertaken by the Councillors:

(a)  Wimborne Cemetery Joint Management Committee (Four year term to 2019) 

Cllrs Susan Cowsill and Emma Urquhart

(b) East Dorset Environment Partnership 

Cllr David Mitchell

(c) The Greathed Charity Trustees (Three year term to May 2019)

Cllrs KD Johnson and David Mitchell (Cllr Janet Dover attends as a County Councillor)

(d) DAPTC – Eastern Area Committee 

Cllrs Susan Cowsill and KD Johnson

(e) DAPTC – Larger Councils Committee 

Cllrs Susan Cowsill and KD Johnson

(f) Partners and Communities Together 

Cllrs Janet Dover and Emma Urquhart

(g) The Reef Management Committee 

Cllr Stephen King (Cllrs Linda Dickins and Emma Urquhart are deputies)

(h) Memorial Hall Management Committee 

Cllr Ian Dickins

(i) Parish Rights Of Way Liaison Officer 

Cllr Peter Scriven

(j) Parish Tree Warden 

Cllr Stephen King

(k) Parish Gypsy and Traveller Communities Liaison Officer 

Cllr Susan Cowsill

(l) Home Watch Representative 

Cllr Linda Dickins

(m) Historic Environment Liaison Officer 

Cllr Peter Scriven

(n) Colehill Community Library

Cllr Susan Cowsill

(o) Fairtrade – Read about Fairtrade Fortnight (26 Feb to 11 Mar)

Cllr Susan Cowsill

(p) Wimborne History Festival 

Cllr Peter Scriven

(q) Press Officer 

Cllr David Mitchell

(r) Editorial Board

Cllrs Susan Cowsill, KD Johnson, David Mitchell and David Packer.