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part 12  (May/June 2017)

B  To detect gas when it would change colour
B  Thought to be the Germans trying to destroy England’s crops
C  Marshfield

part 11  (Mar/Apr)

B An itinerant pedlar
C Broke into storage facility where Colehill records were kept
C 21
B 1938

part 10  (Dec/Jan/Feb 2017)
B  Brigantia
A  1280
C  Sorcery

part 9  (Nov/Dec)
A   Batchelor’s Droug
B   Beside Leigh Road
C   Brown

part 8 (Sept/Oct)
B  Canadian maple
A  Rents restricted by Rent Act
C  Saddler
B  Beside Glen House on Rowlands Hill

part 7 (July/Aug)
B   On a garage at Richmond Villas, Wimborne Rd
B   The Cap of Maintenance
A   None
B   Reindeer

(There were no Conundrums in May/June issue)

part 6 (Mar/Apr)
C   Green Bottom
C   Above North Leigh House
B   Granny Parfitt
B   Part of Leigh Lane

part 5 (Jan/Feb 2016)
A   Use Home Rein
A   200 books donated by Mrs Lees in 1913
B   Relief of Mafeking
A   Crichel
B   Furzehill Council offices
C   Grimstone

part 4 (Nov/Dec)
C  On the corner of Middlehill Road and Lonnen Road
B  To honour his wife’s maiden name
C  Traded on Sunday when she had no licence to trade on the Lord’s Day
B  Assaulted a policeman

(There were no Conundrums in Sept/Oct issue)

part 3 (July/August)
B Northleigh House reputed to have 24 rooms
C Greathed
A Wimborne Rd behind Heatherlands
C Bonfire
B Grapes and tomatoes

part 2 (May/June)
A Marshfield
B look out for smugglers
C Cowpats
C killed by broomsticks
B shoe maker
B Park Homer

part 1 (Mar/Apr 2015)
B Donkeys grazed there
B Civil war burial site
C John Short
B Packhorse track
C Cannon Hill
B Bullpits