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Data Consent Form:

New Members are now required to sign this form when they join up, and return it with their sub to their Contact.



(Contacts  – please retain this form and advise your Coordinator that you have received it).


2018 AGM was on 16th May 2018 at 7pm in the Village Green Café at The Allendale Centre.
Draft Minutes of the meetingWCHW AGM 2018 Mins DRAFT.

Contact homewatchwandc@gmail.com


2017 AGM was on 17th May 2017. All votes were passed. The Officers for 2017-19 are Chairman & Membership Sec – Graham Mallett, Vice Chairman – Keith Baker, Treasurer – John Poat, Secretary – vacancy. MinutesWCHW AGM 2017 Minutes.

2016 AGM on 11th May 2016 approved the revised  WCHW-Constitution-v3-2016

Ringmaster was replaced on 4th May 2014 by Dorset Alert www.dorsetalert.co.uk  Register nowThis is available to everyone, not just Members!

The Dorset Police Keyholder Scheme has also changed. You can now register online here (at the bottom of the page) or ring 01202 226731 (but please look at the website first to ensure you have the correct information ready).

Home Watch Information

Wimborne & Colehill Home Watch was formed in 2002 with the merger of all the watch groups in the area, which had developed since the first group ‘Ashmeads’ started on 28th January 1987. Today we have a membership of 1300 households in Wimborne (except Merley), Colehill, Furzehill, and the part of Stapehill (down to the A31) that became ‘Colehill Hayes’ on 7th May 2015.  TO JOIN please see ‘Calling New Members!‘ below.

Police contact details are given at the bottom of this page. Also see the Police page for Colehill Police news. Also the Association of Dorset Watches website.

Sheducation – East Dorset – look out for dates in local press and on the Sheducation page.
Note: All outdoor events will be subject to the weather, inclement weather and extreme conditions will mean the events are cancelled.


We do need more volunteers so please contact us if you can help – see Messages

Latest newsletters:

‘Update’ 64 (August 2018) Update64 (4.8MB) – Distribution started 7th August. Next copy date: 30th October.

‘Update’ 63 (April 2018) Update63 (5.2MB) – Distribution started 19th April.
‘Update’ 62 (February 2018) Update62 (9MB) – Distribution started 12th Feb.
‘Update’ 61 (Nov 2017) Update61 (5.6MB) – Distribution started 6th Nov.
‘Update’ 60 (Aug 2017) Update60 (5.2MB) – Distribution started 1st Aug.
‘Update’ 59 (May 2017) Update59 (5MB) – Distribution started 28th April.
‘Update’ 58 (Feb 2017) Update58 (5MB) – Distribution started 7th Feb.
‘Update’ 57 (Nov 2016) Update57 (4.6MB) – Distribution started 16th Nov.
‘Update’ 56 (Sept 2016) Update56 (4.4MB) – Distribution started 6th Sept.
‘Update’ 55 (June 2016) Update55 (4.7MB) – Distribution started 8th June.
‘Update’ 54 (Mar 2016) Update54 (3.9MB) – Distribution started 11th March.
‘Update’ 53 (Dec 2015) Update53 (3.8MB) – Distribution started 26th Nov.
‘Update’ 52 (Sept 2015) Update52 (3.7MB) – Distribution started 10th Sept.
‘Update’ 51 (June 2015) Update51 (3.3MB) – Distribution started 3rd June.
‘Update’ 50 (Mar 2015) Update50 (3.4MB) – Distributed along with ADW’s Stay Safe booklet for every member
‘Update’ 49 (Dec 2014)  Update49 (3.1MB)
‘Update’ 48 (Sept 2014) Update48 (3.3MB)
‘Update’ 47 (June 2014) download (3.2MB)
‘Update’ 46 (Mar 2014) download (3MB)
‘Update’ 45 (Dec 2013)  download (3.3MB)
‘Update’ 44 (Sept 2013) download (1.2MB)
‘Update’ 43 (June 2013) download (1.2MB)
‘Update’ 42 (Mar 2013) download (3.1MB)
‘Update’ 41 (Nov 2012) download (1MB)
‘Update’ 40 (Sept 2012) 10th/25th ANNIVERSARY ISSUE: download (3.1MB).

Association of Dorset Watches Newsletters –  see ADW website here



Oct 2015 minutes  WCHW-Minutes-151014.pdf
Jan 2015 minutes  WCHW-Minutes-150129.pdf

2016 AGM Minutes WCHW-AGM2016-DRAFT.pdf
2015 AGM Minutes WCHW AGM15.pdf
2014 AGM Minutes WCHW-MinsAGM-140430.pdf


Contact Details:

(Messages for the Police – see ‘Police Contact Details’ below)

Email:-  homewatchwandc@gmail.com

Postbox Membership enquiries (but NOT money please – that will be collected by your Contact when issuing the membership card) can also be left in the letterbox at Wimborne Police Station and they will email your details on to us, or contact us to find your nearest Home Watch volunteer.

Phone messages for Home Watch:
If you want to contact us by phone please ring the NPT on 101 as below and leave a message for ‘Wimborne NPT’. Or ask a friend to email us!


Alarms for sale and equipment for loan – products are now sold through the Community Office or at ‘Sheducation’ displays:-  

Products are available at the Ferndown Community Office in the Barrington Centre, open Mon-Sat, 10-12.
Product website here or contact  ferndowncommunityoffice@btconnect.com
or telephone 01202 876219  (Note – May 2018 – the phone number has changed BACK to the original number).

A limited stock of the most popular products is usually available at the Colehill Police & Home Watch Surgery – see the Police page – details also in ‘Update‘.


List of Traders recommended by Members – download: TradersList-Apr16
Please note we do NOT ‘approve’ traders. This is simply a list of recommendations by members.

Ferndown South have kindly agreed to let us publish their more extensive list – download:  Ferndown NHW Tradesmenlist Feb17.pdf

If you wish to recommend a trader please email to address above, giving as many details as possible :
Name of Business – Address/Postcode/Tel/Email/web – Justification: service quality / responsiveness / value for money – Your name, address or phone or email
(We will contact the trader to obtain his agreement, but the trader will not be listed until 2 recommendations have been received).


The national Neighbourhood & Home Watch Network offers advice, and a search facility to locate other Watch groups.


Consumer Advice  There is a lot of good consumer advice on Adviceguide


Calling New Members!
Do you know of a neighbour who might be interested in joining Wimborne & Colehill Home Watch? Ask your Contact for a ‘Joining’ flyer to pass on, or you can download it: WCHW-Join-A5-2up-May18


Polish Door Step Sellers
Members of the public have reported Polish Door Step Sellers selling their pictures. If the householder does not purchase a picture, which is often only a photocopy anyway, they turn their English written card over and beg for money. Here is a notice in English and Polish to keep by the door in case of any callers: polish-sellers.pdf (also printed in Update 22)

POLICE Contact Details

SURGERY TIMES: see the Police page

101 FOR ALL NON-EMERGENCY CALLS  (15p per call). You can also email enquiries@dorset.pnn.police.uk instead.
999 – for emergencies, crime in progress, etc.
Dorset Police website: www.dorset.police.uk

Our Neighbourhood Policing Team is: WIMBORNE & COLEHILL NPT
For details of the team: see the Police page

Email: WimborneColehill-NPT@Dorset.PNN.Police.uk
mobile: 07825 521773

Wimborne POLICE STATION  (letterbox and door phone: Hanham Road, BH21 1AS)
From June 2014 this station is no longer open to the public. (Counter service at Ferndown HQ has also closed).

Please use the yellow telephone located on the front of the building to speak to an operator. Alternatively you can dial 101 for non-emergency calls or 999 in an emergency.

Police Officers and Police Community Support Officers still work from Wimborne Police Station at all times. If you have any questions please speak to one of your local Officers.

From 1st July 2014 Policing in the former Stapehill West (i.e. north of the A31) is covered by the Wimborne & Colehill NPT. This area is now Colehill Hayes ward following the May 2015 boundary changes.

12th August 2014 – the website is back up, on a new host.